Reduce Replacement Costs and Liability Risks of Lost Badges

Reduce Replacement Costs and Liability Risks of Lost Badges

Identification badges are given to employees across industries. Some simply identify a repair technician as an employee of a specific company, while others have chips included that open locked doors or allow restricted access. The security badges are used in research facilities, nursing homes and assisted living complexes, government buildings, hotels, weapons and supply depots, and many other places. When employees lose badges or they get stolen, liability risks spike and replacement costs can be expensive.

Serious Implications

More serious implications include criminal activity, fraud, confidentiality breaches, injuries, and public safety. Stolen identity badges from a repair company allow criminals easy access to people’s homes. People open the door because they think the person is a repair specialist. That can lead to being robbed at gunpoint, demands for car keys, and even murder. The company can be facing lawsuits from surviving family members. That is an extreme example but one that has happened across the country.

Reducing Costs and Risks

There are many ID carrying ideas that help keep badges secured and on the right person. Employees do not misplace badges on purpose due to the hassle it causes. Many have to cover replacement costs if they do lose a badge, and gaining entry for a shift is a major process. Typically, the employee has to ring a buzzer, go through security clearance, and then report late for the shift.

Lanyards are a common solution because they are comfortable to wear, keep hands free, and are always on the employee. Different clasps can be added to secure laminated badges or have them be instantly retrieved after use with a coil inside the clasp. The company logo can be printed on the lanyards, or they can be color coded to indicate a specific department. That adds another layer of security to the premises. If someone from a different department is roaming around where they should not be, the person will be noticed by the color of the lanyard and ejected by security officers.

Holders, key fobs, and RFID badges can also reduce losses and improve security. Key fobs are ideal for shift workers because the devices slide onto their key chains. The employees need the keys to lock their doors and drive to work, so they will always have the devices needed to gain entry. RFID badges operate on radio frequencies and are difficult to duplicate.

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