5 Things Liquor Store Owners Should Look For in a POS System

5 Things Liquor Store Owners Should Look For in a POS System

When choosing a Liquor Store POS system, it is important to select one that’s customized to the industry. While there are many generic point-of-sale systems out there, liquor store owners need special solutions. In this guide, new owners can find out which criteria they should consider when choosing a POS system.

Widespread Use

The software a liquor store owner chooses should be adopted by many other stores as well. When software sees widespread use, owners have greater leverage to make feature and enhancement requests. If a business is one of the few using a particular POS system, the developer isn’t likely to listen to the user’s specific requests. Like many other things in the business world, power is found in numbers.


The POS software should be tailored to the liquor store sector. Owners need industry-specific features that save money and time. For instance, age verification is a useful feature. Not only that, owners also need certain inventory features to accommodate their unique buying needs.

World-Class Support

Liquor store software should be created and supported by world-class companies. Sellers should choose software that’s backed by a vendor who provides proper training, custom enhancements, quick support, and good all-around service. When an owner buys software, they’re buying into the company as well, and this consideration is particularly important.


Software should be tested and reliable. This may seem obvious, but it’s quite common for liquor store owners to choose new, untested solutions. The last thing an owner wants is to end up with software that’s riddled with problems, errors, and glitches. They’ll waste time and frustrate their customers at the time of purchase. Choose software that has been customer-tested and approved.

A Rich, Value-Adding Feature List

The software a liquor store owner chooses should give them features that provide a high ROI (return on investment). Before making a selection, the user should make a list of features that can save them money and time. With such a list, a buyer can narrow his or her choices and choose a POS system that brings high returns.

These are just some of the things liquor store owners should look for in a POS system. By considering these factors, the owner can find the right system for their needs and budget.

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